Thursday, February 4, 2010

Relationships and Self: How Do They Interact?

It seems well to consider relationships and their role in our emotional well being. To become more precise, an "ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," right? So lets consider what we are looking for, and how the role of self may influence our relationships and well-being. 
Companionship is something that most of us desire. We often hope to find the long lasting relationship that marks a major milestone in our lives. Why? We feel the need to share our lives with someone else. We have the basic need to be accepted. And why shouldn’t we? Through all our struggles, happy times and surprises, it is well to have someone to share it all with.
The trouble is, finding the right person is often a difficult task. One of the first things to remember is that it should not be hard. This may be an indicator that you are trying much too hard- which makes you much more prone to err. Trying too hard may come from wishful thinking, and wishful thinking can lead to disaster.
Another problem that seems common comes from not knowing yourself well enough. Perhaps this is one of the biggest problems out there when it comes to this subject. There seems to be a multitude of people looking for the right person, yet they are not quite sure what it is that really makes them happy.
People will seem quite sure what it is they are looking for. Still, once they find the person with those qualities, they change their minds. Why? Granted- often it is because the other person “put on a good act.” That is enough to make anyone change their mind. The last thing you should want is deception.
Still, there are those who decide that what they had found was not what they wanted for a relationship. Often, it is because they do not know themselves well enough. Before considering a serious relationship, it is best to consider who you truly are.
The old saying goes that “opposites attract.” That may be so, but it doesn’t guarantee a stable, long lasting relationship. It often works as the exact opposite- couples that are more alike may form a longer lasting relationship. So how then, can you find the right person without knowing yourself? These are some key points to remember when learning how to find that long lasting relationship.

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